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Teeth Whitening

Whitening your teeth is the fastest, simplest way to improve your smile!  Not all teeth whitening is the same, and at Dominion Dental Spa, we offer you only the very best and several options. The teeth whitening market is flooded with different methods and brands.  We have selected those that provide the best whitening results with the most scientific research support.  Even tough stains from coffee, tobacco, wine, tea and more will disappear.

Mother and Daughter

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

Teeth whitening is a chemical process in which peroxide compounds infiltrate into the tooth and change its underlying color.  The peroxide compound penetrates tooth enamel and oxidizes organic molecules under its surface (which are dark and cause tooth discoloration) into smaller, lighter molecules.  This changes the overall tooth shade to a brighter, whiter color.

Teeth whitening can be accomplished in one visit with our in-office whitening systems.  You can also whiten your teeth at home with our take home system using custom whitening trays. Both of these systems achieve the same results.  In-office teeth whitening is simply a faster way of achieving the results you desire. Some people can choose to do a combination of both to get immediate results that are maintained.

In-Office Tooth Whitening
(Before and After)

Boost in-office tooth whitening is our MOST POPULAR whitening service. It involves a single dental appointment where we whiten the teeth for you.  We use a very high strength whitening gel to get results in about one hour.  This high concentration chemical can be damaging to gum tissues and can only be applied by dental professionals after covering the gums with a protectant barrier.

Pros of In-Office Whitening:

  • Fastest whitening results, immediate transformation

  • No work for you at home

  • We apply the gel everywhere it needs to be and avoid and cover areas of sensitivity

  • In-Office Whitening may need to be repeated or supplemented with trays if maximum results are desired.

Cons of In-Office Whitening:

  • More expensive whitening option

  • Requires a scheduled dental appointment

  • Could require maintenance whitening, depending on your habits

We offer 3 In-Office options:

Boost Regular (1 single appointment, regular session)*

Boost Extra (1 single appointment, longer session)*

Boost Loyalty club! (1 appointment every 6 months for those who love the whitening results and want to maintain it hassle-free).

If you are a new patient and not sure to schedule for a regular session or long session, we will dedicate more time in your first appointment to answer your whitening questions with our dentist and together we can then decide what option works best for you!   Call us for more information!


Take-Home Whitening

Take-home whitening gives you all of the responsibility.  You apply a professional-strength Opalescence whitening gel to your teeth in a custom-molded tray that fits your teeth perfectly.  You are in control of how often you whiten and what results you achieve.  The custom whitening trays last for years and we recommend the concentration for the best results for your specific case.  This allows you to purchase refills of whitening gel and maintain your white smile easily.

Pros of Take-Home Whitening:

  • Flexible

  • Easy to maintain

  • Customizable

  • Less expensive option

  • Whiten for years

Cons of Take-Home Whitening:

  • Not an immediate result (takes 1-2 days to notice change)

  • Maximum whitening results typically take 7-14 days

  • Impressions or digital scans of your teeth are required to make trays 

  • 1-2 day office time required to fabricate the trays

  • Loading gel into trays takes manual dexterity

  • Typically 2 appointments, one to make the custom-tray and a quick pick-up appointment a few days later.

Is Teeth Whitening Safe? What is a side effect?

Yes. We use only FDA-approved materials that dentists and the dental team would use on their own teeth (and have)!!!  We realize, each patient is different, and the directions and recommendations are not one size fits all.

For best results, schedule with your Dominion Dental Spa dentist today!  The most common side effect is sensitivity to cold.  This is a temporary side effect, which goes away when you stop whitening. 

How can I get the best results? 

Stick with your dentist for the best, fastest and predictable dental whitening results.  There are countless whitening products available today.  The safest, most effective methods are the professional whitening options offered by your dentist.


Some over-the-counter products do work. However, they contain a lower strength of the active ingredient and will make minimal improvement.  Your best immediate whitening results are in-office whitening where the dentist oversees your care. Come experience whitening at the Dominion Dental Spa.

Kör Whitening
Kör Whitening 

Kör Whitening is not for everyone. It offers extreme whitening for very dark teeth and the most difficult to whiten cases including tetracycline-stained teeth.


  • Kör Whitening is different to In-Office whitening, in that Kör Whitening involves multiple steps both in-office and at home (with a highly compliant patient) in order to achieve the desired outcomes: Amazing whiteness!

  • Most expensive whitening option.


See these examples and more from Kor whitening.

Singe Tooth Whitening

Canine Tooth (Before)

Why do I have a single dark tooth?

Reasons may include:

* A tooth has experienced trauma or an accident or a fracture or root canal years, even decades, ago

*  Decay or cavity within

*  Older filling/restoration that has leaked or discolored over time

*  Tooth is slightly rotated and light reflects differently upon it (appearing darker in close-up photos or selfies)


CanineTooth (After)

Internal Tooth Whitening
(Before and After)

In this example, Dr. Bushong's patient received internal tooth whitening for a single discolored canine tooth.

The benefit of this treatment is that it is conservative, maintains more natural tooth integrity (than a crown) and gives the longest lasting NATURAL RESULT. In this case, the tooth will never turn as dark again.

Single Tooth Whitening

At Dominion Dental Spa, we get it! Sometimes a single dark tooth or discolored tooth bothers you.


No matter how big or small your concerns, we are proud to provide cosmetic dentistry combining beauty with long-term dental health. We believe the BEST dentistry is conservative and offer solutions that are unique for each patient.

What does successful Single dark tooth dental whitening treatment depend on? What is Bleaching single dark tooth treatment?

* how dark the tooth is and why

* the patient's cosmetic expectations

* experience and skillset of the of dentist and the materials and methods used.

Why is my front tooth dark? What are Dark tooth or discolored tooth treatment options? 

They vary from patient to patient and may include:

* Single Tooth Whitening/bleaching

* Internal Tooth Whitening (after root canal or if tooth already has had a root canal)

* Dental Bonding, Porcelain Dental Veneer, Dental Crown (or Cap)

* Tooth straightening

Many times we will provide more than one option giving you advantages and disadvantages of each in simple understandable language.

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