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Patient Portal

New Patients or Existing patients with a scheduled appointment will be able to access the Dominion Dental Spa Patient Portal. Within the Patient Portal there are 3 Forms:  Patient Information/Demographics, Medical & Dental History and Office Policy Forms that can be easily filled out electronically online, so there is no paperwork to print! To access our Patient Portal, first-time Patient Portal users please contact our office, then click on the link you receive from our office within 24 hours before it expires.   If you were unable to click within 24 hours or unable to view forms, please call or contact us so we may reset it for you. 

If using dental insurance, please email us a digital copy or front/back image of your insurance card when making your appointment.


By completing the information well in advance before your appointment more dedicated time is spent towards your actual dental visit. This will decrease time in the dental office, and is fast, convenient, secure and easy to complete or update changes in annual medical history, insurance or demographics.  You may even pay mailed statements, or watch videos through the patient portal!

If you prefer to fill out paperwork, please come to the office at least 15-20 minutes before your scheduled appointment in order to complete forms, to maximize your doctor & dental team time. Please email us a copy of your dental insurance card when making your dental appointment so we have time to verify insurance in advance and be able to answer your questions. Don't forget to bring your medication list if applicable.

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