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Emergency Dentist              San Antonio TX

If you are looking for an emergency dentist, you have come to the right place!  We reserve time each day to allow for your unexpected dental emergencies. A broken tooth, cavity, toothache, lost filling, tooth pain, sensitive teeth, loose dental bridge, loose dental implant crown, fractured tooth or other emergency?  


We can see you and in many instances start dental care on the same day. Dr. Perry Bushong is very experienced and capable of handling a variety of dental emergencies at one convenient location.

We Loves Happy Patients

“Well to start off I had pain in my left jaw and haven't been to a dentist's office for a while. Called Dominion Dental Spa who had been recommended to me. They explained everything thoroughly so I completely understood what was going on, how it would be fixed and how much everything would cost.  Most of my experiences with Dentist's haven't been that great, but this one was amazing. They also have an amazing little dog that keeps you company while you are there. If you're in need of a Dentist(s) either for yourself or for your family, this place is the only one I would recommend."

—  Sheldon

What Does an Emergency Visit Involve?

  • Problem-Focused Oral Evaluation – Dr. Bushong performs a thorough evaluation of the area you are concerned with. This evaluation gathers the information he needs to make a diagnosis of the cause of your toothache and a plan for the treatment necessary to relieve it.  This evaluation may involve other areas of your mouth and jaws to determine the exact source of your pain or sensitivity or dull ache.

  • Offering Same-day Dental Treatment – The treatment that is recommended will depend on the cause and extent of the dental emergency. Common solutions that our emergency dentist may perform include: dental fillings, dental crowns, dental bridges, oral surgery to include emergency tooth extractions, bone graft, same day dental implant placement, root canal, partial dentures, immediate full dentures, recementing dental caps, crowns or bonding dental veneers.  We know your time is valuable, so wdo as much as we can for you at each visit. Why wait any longer?  We can offer sedation dentistry if you prefer and even DentalVibe to minimize the discomfort of injections or dental shots!  Just let us know how we can help you.

  • X-rays – Dental x-rays are an essential part of any dental exam. In some cases of large cavities, an x-ray is not only necessary to diagnose the decay, but can help diagnose the presence of infection and inflammation within the gums and surrounding jaw or bone, resulting from the large cavity.  The x-ray completes the picture that Dr. Bushong needs to see before he is equipped to recommend the appropriate treatment options. In some cases of advanced decay or cracked teeth we may take a 3-D CT scan xray to determine best outcome for the tooth.

  • Prescription Medications – In cases of tooth infections, antibiotics may be necessary to help your body prevent it from spreading. Prescription antibiotics keep things from getting worse until the treatment is complete.  Sometimes, they may lower the pain of a toothache within hours.

  • “Palliative” Treatment – Palliative means treating the symptoms. Sometimes, we can do a minimally-invasive conservative treatment that will lessen your symptoms.  This may take the form of a temporary filling to seal off the nerve inside the tooth, which relieves teeth sensitivity. It could also be something as simple as adjusting the bite on a single tooth or previous restoration. When you are looking for an emergency dentist, you want to be able to find a dentist near you that can trust to find a solution and can handle a variety of options, including routine and advanced procedures.


Why is an Emergency Dental Visit Important?

When it comes to preventive dentistry, we tell patients not to wait until something hurts to seek help.  When it comes to a toothache, we want you to come see us as soon as you notice a problem.  Most dental problems get progressively worse with time.  Seeking help when you first experience symptoms before it becomes a toothache can simplify your treatment options and prevent the problem from developing into a bigger health problem or even a life-threatening infection or visit to the emergency room.

What are some examples of common dental emergencies?

Toothache, pain, tooth sensitivity, chipped tooth, broken filling, lost filling, dull ache, soreness, bleeding gums, trauma, fractured tooth, Loose dental bridge, Loose dental crown (loose cap), swollen gums, dental implant loosening, TMJ pain, swelling or abscess, emergency tooth extraction, cracked tooth, broken tooth or just about any concern that cannot wait for your next routine dental cleaning visit.

Have you been looking for an emergency dentist near me in San Antonio, TX? REST ASSURED AND FEEL CONFIDENT in selecting Dr. Perry Bushong  at Dominion Dental Spa dental clinic for your local North Central San Antonio, TX emergency dentist. We live and work in this community and we care!

We are here to help you.  Don't wait! Request an appointment today or call 210-687-1150.  Also, Dr. Perry Bushong is always on call after hours for his existing patients.

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