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Sedation Dentistry 


What are the benefits of sedation dentistry?

  • Reducing dental anxiety and dental fears. We understand that a significant percentage of the population has genuine dental fears and avoid having much-needed dental care or are looking for a solution to make their dental experience better.

  • Minimizing discomfort during the procedure, for example having a strong fear of needles.

  • Reducing physiological challenges where the patient has very little control such as reducing gag reflex.

  • Promotes a calming effect to help ease the patient into a state of relaxation of body and mind.

Laughing gas (Nitrous oxide)

Laughing Gas (Nitrous oxide)

We understand that dentistry can cause anxiety for most people.  We offer laughing gas or nitrous oxide as a safe, mild and effective solution to alleviate anxiety during dental procedures.  It has been used in dentistry for decades. You wear a nasal mask during dental treatment. The advantages of laughing gas is that the it reduces anxiety (takes away your fear), minimizes pain during the procedure, and it creates euphoria (makes you feel good). Once we turn off the laughing gas, it takes several minutes for the effects to wear off.  You may return to daily activities and drive yourself home afterwards. You do not need to worry about a family member or friend to drive you to your appointment.

Oral Sedation Dentistry: Conscious Sedation Level 2

Oral Sedation

We offer Level 2 Moderate Oral Sedation dentistry for patients who have an extreme fear of dentistry and have been unsuccessful with Nitrous or an oral sedative alone.  This level of sedation requires full monitoring with a hospital grade monitor and capnograph.  You must be accompanied by an adult family member or friend, who will drive you home and be with you at home after the procedure. By taking a combination of sedatives an hour before the appointment, you will be relaxed by the time the procedure starts.  We ask that you arrive early for this so that your medication can be taken in our office and we can monitor your state of relaxation. Depending on your dental needs, this may allow your dentistry to be completed in fewer visits.  You will not be put to sleep, but it will promote relaxation and lessen dental anxiety and fear.  

IV Sedation Dentistry: Conscious Sedation Level 3

IV Sedation

Intravenous Level 3 Moderate Conscious Sedation is also offered for longer procedures or surgeries for an added level of control during the sedation procedure.  This will also require hospital grade monitoring, including EKG and capnography. This is the deepest level of sedation you can have outside of a hospital setting without an anesthesiologist.  Dr. Bushong may also elect to perform this sedation if you are scheduled for certain types of long or complex procedures.  You must be accompanied by an adult family member or friend, who will drive you home and also monitor you afterwards.

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