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Traditional Dentures (Patient Removable)

Dentures have been around for decades.   Full dentures are made of plastic, and partial dentures are typically made with plastic over some type of framework, like resin or metal, with clasps to hold it in place. Dentures and partial dentures are a solution for no teeth or missing teeth, but not a perfect solution.  They are typically made in several appointments to establish the proper height, shape, color and arrangement to give your face a harmonious natural look and, at the same time, allow you to chew and function.  Over time, they will need to be relined and replaced multiple times during your lifetime depending on wear/chewing and gradual loss of bone support underneath.

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What are some main reasons why a person may benefit from a dental implant?

If you are tired of loose-fitting bulky dentures, or if you have strong natural teeth opposing a complete denture (or uneven distribution of bite forces), Implant-supported dentures or implant-retained dentures, are a great solution to give you support and stability.  


This can help you speak more confidently and chew more varieties of food.  Call today to schedule your denture consult or implant-supported consult at Dominion Dental Spa at 210-687-1150.

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