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Advanced Technology & In-Office Dental Lab

3-D Cone Beam X-ray

2021 Technology Update- 3-D Cone Beam CT Digital X-ray & State-of the Art In-Office Dental Lab

In 2021, we have added the latest Planmeca 3-Dimensional Cone Beam and Pano digital x-ray.  While many dental offices in San Antonio, TX have digital x-rays, very few have both digital x-rays and Conebeam 3-D imaging.  It provides multiple options for a comfortable patient experience since the Planmeca Ultra Low Dose TM imaging is all taken from outside the mouth.

 This includes cone beam or panoramic x-ray or extraoral images (outside the mouth x-ray)  which can be better suited for patients who have difficulty taking traditional dental x-rays or those that have a gag reflex.   It also provides exceptional high quality digital images that help Dr. Bushong plan and simulate your dental implant surgery, provide comprehensive dentistry and improve outcomes.  It can also be used for root canal treatment and radiographic analysis of the teeth, jaws, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and sinuses.


Technology that Improves Your Experience

Dentistry is constantly changing for the better.  At Dominion Dental Spa, we are equipped with the latest dental technology to make dental experiences as comfortable and informative and efficient as possible.  This allows us to give you the best possible treatment options for your specific concerns.

  • iTero Element intraoral scanner – Three-dimensional intraoral scanning has taken the place of traditional gooey dental impressions! Now we can capture an exact digital replica of your teeth and the way they bite together with the iTero scanner.  This technology uses 3D spatial technology to knit together thousands of tiny photos in order to create a digital model that is accurate and detailed.
    This is great for patients who:


    • Have a strong gag reflex

    • Have difficulty opening their mouths for long periods of time

    • Feel claustrophobic

    • The scanner is used for crowns, bridges and implant restorations or for Invisalign scanning.

  • Intraoral camera – A picture is worth a thousand words! Intraoral cameras are indispensable in today’s practice of dentistry.  This technology allows us to take a close-up photo of small details in your mouth.  We are able to show you signs of cavities, tooth fractures, gum disease, teeth grinding, and soft tissue disorders.  At Dominion Dental Spa, our relationships are based on trust.  We are committed to building that trust by educating all of our patients about the state of their smiles.  We believe that your ability to see any areas of concern is a vital part of that relationship.

  • Digital X-Rays – Dental x-rays are essential in accurate diagnosis and early detection of dental problems. New digital x-ray technology makes x-rays safer than ever before.  Digital x-rays require less radiation and give more information.  Your dentist is able to zoom in, change contrast, and increase the definition of an image without any additional exposure to the patient. They are also processed instantaneously, which reduces the time you spend in the dental chair!  

  • At Dominion Dental Spa, our new Planmeca Digital X-ray can also take extra-oral x-rays from outside the mouth, which means more comfort for the patient. Especially those with a smaller mouth, children and patients with gag-reflex or naturally-occurring bony projections (tori) that make taking traditional x-rays uncomfortable.

  • Dentalvibe comforting dental numbness– a gentle vibration wand to alleviate dental anxiety and provide comfort during dental anesthetic injections.  For the past decade Dr. Bushong has been using the DentalVibe to give patients a better experience.

In-Office Dental Lab

"Dental Technology has finally evolved to allow me to provide a complete in-house solution of the highest quality and convenience for my patients.  I can now provide a transformative experience for the patient".

— Dr. Perry Bushong DDS


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