Yorkie Office Dog.jpg

Meet Lucy

Lucy visits the dental office from time to time. She is a Yorkshire terrier-Daschund mix with a Yorkie face and long weiner-dog body.  This combination is called a Dorkie.   At a mere 15 lbs, she weighs as much as three bags of sugar, and is arguably just as sweet.  She loves meeting new people and feels very lucky to live up to her comforting lap-dog heritage, especially when a patient requests to hold her even during long procedures.  This significantly increases her Tail Wags per Minute!

In the office, Lucy understands that not everyone is comfortable with a dog in the room, so you might find her sleeping in the doctor's office, curled up in her doggie-bed corner or sun-bathing on the outdoor patio.  Occasionally she might feel compelled to protect the building against a particularly large and chatty squirrel.

In her spare time, she loves feeling the wind in her ears by taking car rides with the windows down and hanging out the side of the motorcycle sidecar when the weather is nice.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Lucy Loves Happy Patients

“This place was awesome! Everyone in the office was friendly, helpful, and educating. I will be going back. The dog was best part 😅. Made me feel comfortable. Thank y’all again."

—  Jacob R.