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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Therapy at Dominion Dental Spa.

What makes us different?

We have a Planmeca 3-Dimensional Conebeam CT Xray that allows us to see all the canals within your teeth not just a flat 2-Dimensional X-ray view (which might not show all the canals).

Dr. Perry Bushong is comfortable treating most Root canal procedures including front teeth, premolars and molars, even going through existing dental work to access the root.  In some cases he may still refer you to a root canal specialist or endodontist for previously root canal treated teeth or complex cases that require a microscope to perform properly.

We use only the highest quality dental endodontic instrumentation and materials and techniques for root canal treatment to provide the best possible outcome.

What is a Root Canal?

A tooth might need a root canal for a variety of reasons.  Some common reasons are:

  • Deep decay or a deep cavity that reaches the pulp of the tooth

  • Prior history of deep decay, deep restoration causing the tooth to die even after repair

  • Fractured tooth/ Broken tooth/Cracked tooth

  • Trauma from chewing (biting down on hard substance causing pain)

  • Trauma from Injury (eg: Bicycle, Falling)

  • Abcessed Tooth or Infected Tooth

  • Painful tooth or sensitivity to sweets, cold, temperature, lingering pain that doesn't go away

What is Root Canal Treatment?

Most people become scared when they hear the words "Root Canal". Root canal therapy is very similar to routine dental treatment. We start with dental x-rays, and an exam so Dr. Perry Bushong can start with a proper diagnosis.  In some cases a root canal may not be the best option for the tooth.  He will explain the best treatment for you in a kind and gentle manner.

Root canal treatment is designed to eliminate bacteria and dead, necrotic tissue from the infected pulp chamber and root canal system inside the tooth in order to prevent reinfection or spread of infection to adjacent bone and teeth. We try to save as much of the natural tooth as possible.

Delaying treatment on a tooth that needs Root Canal Therapy will ultimately result in loss of the tooth and has the potential to cause a life-threatening infection that can spread rapidly.  People are hospitalized every day for tooth infections that spread out of control!


When one undergoes a root canal, the inflamed or infected pulp is removed, and the inside of the tooth is carefully cleaned and disinfected, then filled and sealed.

When a root canal is performed, just like most dental procedures local anesthetic is given. We provide options such as DentalVibe comfort injections and sedation if the patient desires. Then the dentist cleans out the tooth with antibacterial rinse and paste, then fills the root canal space within the tooth. A filling or crown will be needed after Root Canal treatment to cover and seal the tooth.

Most patients feel better after completion of root canal treatment, especially for abscessed teeth.


Dominion Dental Spa, San Antonio TX reviews

We Love Happy Patients

“Tremendous Experience. Dr. Bushong and the entire team were simply exceptional...We are new to Texas and had not found my go to Dentist...(I certainly have now)...Either way, I had a lot of pain in my front tooth.  Upon further review I was in need of a root canal, and rather than reschedule at a later date, the team took care of me right there.  I was so impressed that I also had my cleaning done thereafter. Highly recommend this place”  

—  Jeremy

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