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Covid-19 Safety

Peace of Mind in a Ever Changing World

At Dominion Dental Spa, the safety of our patients and our dental team is our top priority.   Afterall, the patients in our chairs are our friends, families and neighbors.  We meet or exceed CDC, OSHA and ADA guidelines.  As these safety measures evolve over time based on community levels (see CDC: Covid Data Tracker in Bexar County) , we stay current with the latest information.    At this time, patients are still free to wear a mask if they wish as they enter the dental office. 


Here are some examples of advanced safety protocols to make your visit safe and to give you peace-of-mind:

People with Masks Covid Safety

Covid Vaccinations of our Entire Team

Our entire dental team have received both doses of their COVID vaccinations and boosters. We believe that keeping our team safe, keeps others around them safe.

Advanced Staff Training

Our team members have completed additional pandemic knowledge and awareness and training to enhance the safety of the office.

Virtual Waiting Room

​You can minimize contact with others by waiting in your car, waiting in multiple seating areas within our spacious building or in our reception area. 

Social Distancing

We have fewer chairs in our reception area, enclosed walls in between each dental room, relaxing private outdoor garden patio for our patients, multiple seating areas within the building.  At Dominion Dental Spa, we make 6 foot distancing a practical reality.  

Expanded Patient Appointments

We offer extended appointments so you may complete more dentistry in a single visit. This saves you valuable time and reduces exposure.  Just let your dentist and your dental team know that you prefer this option.

Patient Safety-focused Scheduling

You will not find a crammed busy reception area or over-scheduled environment. We are deliberately not scheduling as many patients as we used to. This allows for better patient-centric care and a calm and safer environment for everybody.

Cleaning After Every Appointment

We are wiping down and disinfecting surfaces and equipment in between every appointment and every patient. We deep clean every evening for your peace-of-mind.  We use one-dose, single-patient disposable throw away supplies whenever possible.  We also have on-site, high-temperature laundry service for any reusable PPE or patient blankets.

CDC-Approved Hospital Grade Sterilization

As always, we sterilize and autoclave (using heat and pressure) dental instruments between every use. Our newest autoclave purchased in 2021 is state-of-the-art as we take sterilization and health and safety seriously.  We perform biological monitoring of sterilization through an independent sterilizer testing lab by spore-testing weekly, to ensure maximum safety and efficacy.

Masks, Shields and Gowns

Depending on the procedure we perform, our clinical team wears masks, including N95 masks, protective disposable outerwear and/or shields to protect eyes and/or face, protecting you and themselves at the same time.

Advanced Chairside Suction

As much as possible, we use high speed evacuation to minimize aerosol contamination and improve air quality.

Paperless Forms

By choosing to minimize paperwork and completing patient documents in the online patient portal BEFORE your appointment, you can choose to spend less time in the waiting room.

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